HELICOPTER Cockpit Recording Cable for SJCAM Cameras

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SJCAM is one of the best cameras on the market - now you can use your SJCAM SJ360, SJ6, SJ6 AIR, and SJ7 cameras to record in-flight cockpit audio from your HELICOPTER including intercom and ATC communications!

The CRAZEDpilot SJCAM Adapter cable will directly interface your SJCAM SJ360, SJ6 and SJ7 series cameras to your HELICOPTER intercom system with EASE! Great for creating custom flight videos without excess cabin noise - just the intercom audio and air traffic radio calls. Includes the INTEGRATED SJCAM cable connector - NO SECONDARY CABLE ADAPTER IS REQUIRED! 

The CRAZEDpilot cables are built from quality molded plastic and molded connectors and utilizes a straight cord, allowing the cable to tuck easily into edges and out of camera view. This also prevents accidental entanglement with the cord while flying. 

The cable is also 5.5ft long giving you ample length to place your camera wherever you like!

PLEASE NOTE: In order to support SJCAM model SJ360, SJ6, SJ6 AIR, and SJ7 camera you MUST UPGRADE YOUR CAMERA to the latest firmware release. See manufacturer's instructions on how to complete your upgrade.

Fly SAFE, and enjoy your new CRAZEDpilot SJCAM INTERFACE CABLE at new heights!