Windscreen Mic Cover / Filter / Muff for DYNAMIC (Military) Mics

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Do you have a Military headset and need a mic cover?  Keep your headset mic clean! The CRAZEDpilot DYNAMIC (Military) Mic Cover will fit most large element Military and Dynamic Mics such as the David Clark M-1A, M-4, M-1/DC, M-87, M101, M102, PA-3, AcoustiCom, and more!   To install, carefully grab the headset mic muff cover on both sides and pull it down gently into place.

Will stay inplace on it's own. The o-ring is not necessary with our product - ours fit snugly and stay in place!  The O-ring design is inferior from David Clark because if the o-ring splits, their mic cover falls off immediately.  Not ours!

Headset mic covers for David Clark, Bose, Lightspeed, etc should be replaced annually for santary purposes, plus they help maintain the microphone quality - if the mic cover fails, moisture and dirt can then reach your microphone, which is an EXPENSIVE part.  Order your CRAZEDpilot headset Dynamic mic muff / cover today, and get a spare while you're at it!