24V to 12V Converter / Stepdown Transformer for Aircraft / Airplane up to 28V

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The perfect low-cost 24V to 12V transformer for your 24 volt system aircraft. Run ANY device up to 5 AMPS total current draw. Use this in your experimental to drive a 12V cigarette lighter, 12V iPad, our 12V LED Cockpit Lighting System, or our 12V LED Strobe Landing Lights.

Fits in the palm of your hand - it only weighs 2 oz! Rated at 60 Watts, this converter is EASY to wire - Just provide 24 volts positive to the RED line, Ground both black wires, and 12 volts will flow OUT of the YELLOW wire.  Simple as that! The cheapest 24V converter on the market! Technical Specifications:

Box dimensions: 1 3/4" X 1 1/4" X 3/4" (45mm x 32mm x 18mm)
Mounting hole spacing: 2 1/8" (55mm)
Wire Lead Length: 5" (130mm)
Input voltage: 15V-35V max
Max Current Draw: 5A max
Voltage regulation: 2%
Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Voltage regulation: ± 2%


NOTE: For experimental aircraft only.


This product is to be used for lighting controls only.  As the pilot in command you are accepting all responsibility for the safety of your aircraft, those onboard, and persons or property on the ground.  CRAZEDpilot makes no representations of warranties, either expressed or implied, by or concerning any content of these written materials and in no event shall be liable for any implied warranty for any consequential, incidental or indirect damages (including but not limited to damages for loss of business profits or business interruption) arising from the use or inability to use these written materials or equipment.