Military Headset Impedance Converter Adapter Low (Mil) to Hi (GA) Aircraft by Got Your Six Aviation

Got Your Six Aviation

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This adapter converts low impedance U-174/U MILITARY headsets with DYNAMIC microphones to high impedance 0.206" and 0.25" plugs for use in General Aviation CIVILIAN fixed wing aircraft.

This adapter is only for DYNAMIC microphone headsets - VERIFY your microphone is dynamic by checking your microphone part number, usually written on the mic itself. Not every military headset has a dynamic mic, this adapter is for headsets with DYNAMIC MICS ONLY - Also be certain to VERIFY microphones on USED military headsets especially, as an owner may have already converted your headset to use an Electret Microphone for use in General Aviation Airplanes. In this case if your microphone is ELECTRET, please see use our Helicopter to GA Adapter by Got Your Six Aviation.

NOTE: Plug in your adapter FULLY - There should be no metal visible when you plug in our adapter to your headset, the black mold ends should be touching each other between our adapter and your headset plug. We cannot stress enough that the adapter must be seated FULLY.

Length: 15 inches