Aircraft Grade Microfiber Aviation Wash Mitt by Got Your Six Aviation

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Aircraft Grade Microfiber Wash Mitt

The Aircraft Wash Mitt - like no other mitt - has been custom designed specifically for aircraft use.  It's extra-long length (without abrasive wrist-band) protects your delicate windscreens and other surfaces from accidental scratches from watches and jewelry!  You will enjoy the fully lined protection for delicate hands of lady pilots and co-pilots!  PLUS your can of spray cleaner stores easily inside the mitt for safe, quiet storage inside your plane.

The Aircraft Wash Mitt is made from two of the softest materials available - Chenille and Microfiber. It's an absorbent, super soft, and non-scratching mitt that delivers an amazing wash like no other!  The expanded surface area of the Chenille fibers allows the mitt to stay cleaner 3x longer than any other wash mitt.

Worried about scratching your plane's acrylic windows? Scared to ruin your aircraft's custom finish,  or even your vintage car's custom paint job?  Clean without worry because this product delivers a premium wash without abrasion.  It is safe on all acrylic aircraft or marine windscreens and polycarbonate windows. Also great for custom or collector automotive paint finishes. The mitt can be laundered and re-used for many years!

With the  Aircraft Wash Mitt, cleaning will be as smooth as a flight on a cool spring morning.  Buy several and pass them out to your pilot friends - guaranteed to be a be a BIG hit!