In-The-Ear Headset by Got Your Six Aviation

Got Your Six Aviation

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Introducing the Got Your Six Got Your Six IN-THE-EAR STEREO Aviation Headset, with comfort-fit ear buds and a molded design to fit comfortably in the ear.

Excellent quality construction and easy to put on, you'll love this aviation headset for its compact design, comfort, and ease of use.  It even has an AUX jack for iPhone/iPad/iPod music ONLY and includes the associated link cable.  It also INCLUDES a custom fit hard shell carrying case with multiple pouches.

The Passive Noise Reduction for our Got Your Six in-the-ear aviation headset is 22 dB.

Simply hook the headset over your ears, insert the in-ear stereo speakers, and press inward to form a tight seal.  The outer mold fits snugly inside the outer ear area.  Stereo or mono selector switch with adjustable independent left and right volume controls.  Holds firmly in place when turning your head and inverted flight.

As the BEST priced IN-THE-EAR headset on the market, Got Your Six has once again brought excellent quality with great value in the Got Your Six ITE headset. If you are not yet flying with our in the ear airplane headset, you should be...