Aviation Safety Horn for Aircraft Emergencies & Ramp Safety Awareness

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The CRAZEDpilot Aviation Safety Horn is for the pilot who values options - the aviation safety horn is extremely helpful on the ramp to get someone's attention over the roar of a propeller - to off-airport landing preparedess.

But what makes this horn EXACTLY what you need? The CRAZEDpilot Aircraft Safety Horn is completely electronic - it can run on a 9 volt battery for hours of use! Stop and think about the alternative - compressed cans of air are simply DANGEROUS inside an aircraft. A punctured can could become a projectile, or a huge annoyance screaming in your ear during flight.
For all these reasons, the CRAZEDpilot Electronic Safety Horn is the perfect solution pumping out a huge 112 decibels of ear piercing pulsating tones!

• Contains No CFC's • No Haz-Mat • No leaking or Limited Shelf Life • Weatherproof • Solid State Electronics • Shock Resistant Construction • Meets United States Coast Guard and other agency requirements • Requires One 9-Volt Battery (Not Included) • Size: 7.0”H x 2.75”W • Uses “SETS” Horn Technology • Shock Resistant Construction • Weatherproof • Includes Interior Mounting Cradle • 112 Decibels