FlySafe Battery Fire Safety Enclosure by Got Your Six

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We all love our portable electronic devices - but they can also be a potential fire risk in the event of a catastrophic Lithium battery failure. This can happen from battery abuse (exposure inside a hot aircraft) or battery cell failure inside the device. When a battery fails it can immediately reach temperatures north of 1000 degrees. In flight this could become smoke or fire in the cockpit – both are a serious problem.

But don't worry - we have a solution! Got Your Six Aviation offers you the FlySafe, a fire resistant encapsulated container to store both your Lithium-based batteries while in flight. Prevent Thermal runaway and thermal abuse by protecting from overheating and high temperature exposure. In the event of a sudden combustion, airflow to the battery device is minimized helping to choke the air supply, plus our 1200degree heat and flame resistant material protects your airframe buying you critical time to get your plane on the ground and handle the event. Fully zipped enclosure helps keep the smoke inside, and the air outside the container along with a thermal barrier to protect your airframe and passengers. The insulative properties also help keep batteries cool inside a hot airplane, helping to prevent a situation knowns as Thermal Abuse.

How do I use it? Just unzip the FlySafe, place all portable electronics and batteries inside - from handheld radio batteries to spare camera batteries to drone batteries to phones to iPads to drill batteries - then close the container. And if you don’t have any batteries with you – just store your chocolate bar inside. The insulative properties should help slow it from melting before you get the chance to enjoy it!

Will this prevent a fire? This depends on the exact battery failure you experience, however our product is designed to reduce or minimize the severity of the situation, buying you critical time and awareness to safely land the plane before it becomes life threatening. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Where do I keep it? Store it inside the cockpit where you can monitor the FlySafe. Do not place in a wing locker or nose baggage - in the event of a Lithium battery fire you need it close enough that you are still aware of a potential emergency situation in order to take immediate action.