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Want to enjoy lovely STEREO music or your favorite podcast in your headset? Or listen to the traffic/terrain warnings from your favorite software app? Maybe help calm a passenger or keep the children busy in the back with music or a movie? The CRAZEDpilot HELICOPTER Music Adapter Cable connects any 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo music device (iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, CD player, Garmin with XM radio, etc.) directly between the intercom and your HELICOPTER headset.

This will allow music to be heard only through the individual headset it is connected to rather than through the entire intercom system, yet the intercom system still functions properly and you can continue to talk comfortably to your passengers (or the passengers using their own CRAZEDpilot Helicopter Music Adapter) - anyone with a CRAZEDpilot HELICOPTER Music Adapter Cable can listen to their own choice of soothing music while enroute to your destination.

Do you have a Bluetooth compatible device? Consider the CRAZEDpilot Bluetooth Helicopter Headset Interface instead!

For loudest audio possible, make sure your levels are all set right. Turn your phone / audio device volume to max, turn your headset clear UP to max, then turn DOWN your intercom volume until it's comfortable but still audible.

Audio is always prioritized from the ATC/Intercom from the Helicopter - in many devices the audio level of your music input will drop slightly, differing to reception of aircraft audio for maximum safety.  Always set your volume levels so as to never inhibit your ability to fly safe!

** This device is for listening to audio, it does not support telephone calls through the headset.

Make your next flight even more enjoyable for you or your passengers - get a CRAZEDpilot HELICOPER Music Adapter today!