Luxury Airplane Storage Tote Container for Pilots by Got Your Six

Got Your Six Aviation

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The most beatiful and lightweight aircraft storage tote you could dream of - if you have a Cirrus, Bonanza, a twin, or even a jet, treat yourself to the the most light-weight collapsing aircraft storage containers on the market.

At only 30 ounces in weight, the Got Your Six Aircraft Storage Tote containers allow you to keep your aircraft neat and tidy while maintaining an amazingly elegent aesthetic inside your cockpit.  Keep your clean and delicate items inside this beautifully stitched latching tote, with strong carrying handles on both sides.  Keep one available for your luggage, clothing, or for passenger headset storage. Alternatively, store your spare oil or tools - no longer using that heavy, unsightly crate or cardboard box.  Instead, neatly enclose your products in our collapsing Aircraft Storage Tote!

Supporting up to 30lbs of weight, our Aircraft Storage Containers bond at all corners using durable, reinforced super-lock velcro.  The secure handles on both sides make for easy and safe loading of heavy or delicate items into your aircraft. Soft corners protect your cockpit interior and storage lockers from scuffing or marring.